The statute of NPO United Medics and Scientists is to uphold the ethical and moral values of our professions.

The physical and mental health and wellbeing of the people is important to us and hugely reliant on the healthcare system. We value bioethical and moral agreements.

We also find that the state must ensure without any exceptions that the constitutional rights of the citizens are guaranteed.

We invite medics and representatives of different fields of science who wish to support a transparent, truthful, scientific and ethical medicine to join us and provide their input into the discussion of these matters and the policies arising from them.

The aim of our NPO is to author and publish balanced public letters and addresses, submit data requests to government offices, launch people’s initiatives, hold seminars, conferences and press conferences.

Membership is public within the NPO.

NPO United Medics and Scientists has been entered into Estonian Business Register under the number 80605668.